23 October 2005

Yee haw

SO I’m back from Ohio.  Quarter Horse Congress was a blast.  I’m getting westernized (this = bad or at the least funny)…  I bought my first pair of boots!  Hooray!  They’re just simple chocolate colored, leather boots that will be good for riding (if I ever find time to take lessons).  I can also wear them during Razorback Roundup when Mom and Dad buy Felipe (right? *puppy face*).  He can live in the back yard and Mr. Bailey can keep him company!!!!  Yay for boots!  Yay for cowboys!  Yay for Felipe!  Yay for Convention!

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oilspill said...

Why the heck is your blog called Adventures of a Mad Monkey? Anyway, I like your blog..ALOT. Will you please visit my blog now? If you leave a comment I will link to you. O.K.? Lot's of people don't respond.