06 October 2005

Parakeets, bunnies, and dogs

I’m not certain that I will get a paying job at Farmington Vet clinic, but it’s a place to start. My schedule makes it a bit difficult to get a job. I have no place to stay during the holidays. Dr. Thompson pretty much said I have to show I’m serious before he’ll start paying me. I can move up the ladder as far as I’m willing to work. If I demonstrate I’m willing to work hard on my time, he’ll start using his time to teach me. Of course, that makes sense. I’m more than willing to start at the bottom and work my way up. I just want experience; the money isn’t even that important! I’ll probably go in once a week to watch surgeries on my own time and slowly work my way into a paying job. He has a copy of my resume, so he knows how to reach me. I also want to look into shadowing/ working for an equine vet. Ack, lot’s of things to talk to Dr. Powell about in addition to next semester’s classes.

Wahoo! Dr. Gawley changed the answer key on the first test. + 4 points for me!!! I’m only 4 points away from an A; that’s only 1 question difference! So maybe if I work realllly hard, an A is within my grasp! The grades in that class almost follow a bell curve, but it's a bit skewed toward failing.

I found a new musical group I like: Leave's Eyes. Exciting.

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