05 October 2005

Brain Surgery

Eeek!  I’m interviewing for a job in a vet clinic tomorrow.  I’m a bit nervous.  A part time job would really help me!  I really, really, need the experience!  I closed one door and now an even better one opened!

And now for my favorite subject!!
Felipe was violated yesterday.  That’s right, the vet performed brain surgery (aka castration).  So he was a bit skittish today.  We took it easy.  I didn’t even make him wear a saddle, although he didn’t get out of wearing a bit.  Danny (Dr. Jack’s husband) helped me with lunging, so hopefully technique will improve.  Thirty minutes of the lesson today was a grooming.  Felipe got a half-bath and a very long brushing session resulting in a relatively clean, very soft horse!  So after I released him in the pasture, Brooke and I stayed to pet the babies.  Spoiled brats.

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