23 October 2005

Yee haw

SO I’m back from Ohio.  Quarter Horse Congress was a blast.  I’m getting westernized (this = bad or at the least funny)…  I bought my first pair of boots!  Hooray!  They’re just simple chocolate colored, leather boots that will be good for riding (if I ever find time to take lessons).  I can also wear them during Razorback Roundup when Mom and Dad buy Felipe (right? *puppy face*).  He can live in the back yard and Mr. Bailey can keep him company!!!!  Yay for boots!  Yay for cowboys!  Yay for Felipe!  Yay for Convention!

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19 October 2005

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17 October 2005

Whine and Dine

Aaaah…. ;_;  my neck hurts… whiny…whiny…whiny….

Why does my social life have to be so cyclic?  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  I’m at the low point again... Thank you Lord for Myranda!  If we were to get in a reallllly serious fight, it would kill me not to have her friendship.  I want to fit in with my other friends, but I simply cannot!  I don’t enjoy the same games, the same movies, etc etc.  I refuse to wear a cat woman costume and skip class to run around campus... My definition of “party” remains the same as it was in kindergarten minus the setting frogs loose in Aunt Betty’s house:  pizza, movies, and card games.  So that completely eliminates most college parties except for maybe SFL parties.  Hehe… they can’t even show a movie rated pg-13.  But then, I don’t really fit in with them either.  My blob of friends makes fun of me for joining it, but I have to have some sort of social contact.  Regardless, I met Marlys through SFL, and we go do something or at least sit and talk once a week.  So I’m grateful for that.  

I guess it might seem a bit odd, but I’ve really reflected on friendships today.  The reason Myranda and I are so close is because we see each other every day in addition to having similar values and beliefs.  We really don’t have that much in common.  I love the outdoors and getting dirty.  Her passion is music.  We’re wired completely different, and we don’t always agree.  But we care about each other enough to look past and work through our disagreements.  We have tons of good memories together (like belting out Little Mermaid songs and putting plastic animals on all people’s doors).  Friendships take work to maintain and develop.  It’s unrealistic for me to expect people to always remember to include me.  But it’s also unpleasant to be the only one striving to maintain relationships and initiating activities.  If I reach out to people and make an effort to get to know them, chances are they will respond positively.   In my efforts to expand my circle (aka blob) of friends (which is a bit lop-sided and deflated at the moment – hence “blob”) I need to remember to make an effort.  Other people want attention just like I do.  The change in dynamics of the group struck me hard, but change is inevitable.  Life is anything but static.  I’m hopeful for the future and excited to form new relationships and deepen the old ones!   I heart Annie, Meredith, and Myranda!!!  (heh…  thinking about my blessings really took care of the whiny attitude…that and the Little Mermaid Soundtrack).  

A little more whining and I’ll be finished…

Another issue plaguing my thoughts is of course specifically relationships with guys.  I’m frustrated.  “Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you by the gazelles and by the does of the field:  Do no arouse or awaken love until it so desires” – Song of Solomon 3:5.  Patience…patience…patience.  God’s timing is perfect, but I wish He’d hurry up!  I read on guy friends’ blogs about how they wish to advance relationships… too bad miscommunication prevents that.  

Sha la la la la la!!!!!!!!!My oh my!Look like the boy too shyAin't gonna kiss the girl!!!!!!!!!!!Sha la la la la laAin't that sad?Ain't it a shame?Too bad, he gonna miss the girl

06 October 2005

Parakeets, bunnies, and dogs

I’m not certain that I will get a paying job at Farmington Vet clinic, but it’s a place to start. My schedule makes it a bit difficult to get a job. I have no place to stay during the holidays. Dr. Thompson pretty much said I have to show I’m serious before he’ll start paying me. I can move up the ladder as far as I’m willing to work. If I demonstrate I’m willing to work hard on my time, he’ll start using his time to teach me. Of course, that makes sense. I’m more than willing to start at the bottom and work my way up. I just want experience; the money isn’t even that important! I’ll probably go in once a week to watch surgeries on my own time and slowly work my way into a paying job. He has a copy of my resume, so he knows how to reach me. I also want to look into shadowing/ working for an equine vet. Ack, lot’s of things to talk to Dr. Powell about in addition to next semester’s classes.

Wahoo! Dr. Gawley changed the answer key on the first test. + 4 points for me!!! I’m only 4 points away from an A; that’s only 1 question difference! So maybe if I work realllly hard, an A is within my grasp! The grades in that class almost follow a bell curve, but it's a bit skewed toward failing.

I found a new musical group I like: Leave's Eyes. Exciting.

05 October 2005

Brain Surgery

Eeek!  I’m interviewing for a job in a vet clinic tomorrow.  I’m a bit nervous.  A part time job would really help me!  I really, really, need the experience!  I closed one door and now an even better one opened!

And now for my favorite subject!!
Felipe was violated yesterday.  That’s right, the vet performed brain surgery (aka castration).  So he was a bit skittish today.  We took it easy.  I didn’t even make him wear a saddle, although he didn’t get out of wearing a bit.  Danny (Dr. Jack’s husband) helped me with lunging, so hopefully technique will improve.  Thirty minutes of the lesson today was a grooming.  Felipe got a half-bath and a very long brushing session resulting in a relatively clean, very soft horse!  So after I released him in the pasture, Brooke and I stayed to pet the babies.  Spoiled brats.

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Hugging the horsey! er... i mean... desensitizing to having people touch his back.  Posted by Picasa

Felipe, me, Felicity, and Brooke. Felipe is wearing my baseball cap :) Posted by Picasa

01 October 2005

Can I have horse?

I can’t believe what Felipe did today!  Lori had already taken Flint to the barn, Brooke had Felicity just outside of the pasture, and I was walking toward the pasture to get Felipe when Felipe just randomly decided I wasn’t coming fast enough to him!  So he went under 2 strands of hot wire to get to me!  He actually touched the electric fence willingly to get to me!  I was so shocked that he let himself out of the pasture to come to me that I didn’t know whether to scold him or to praise him (I’ve been trying to get him to come when I call his name, and I probably said “Hi, Felipe” as I approached the pasture).  He did not want Felicity and Flint to leave him behind (even though he would have had Fonzie and Fiona to keep him company)!  Silly horse!  

He’s so smart! There were some people watching the horses being trained today, and when Felipe and I went to go talk to them, one man said “now that is a smart horse!  I’ve been watching him.”  He’s so smart, I’m almost unsure of what to do after he gets the lesson I planned to work on much earlier than expected.  He can flex, back, follow voice commands, take a bow (extremely cute!), walk over tarp, trot over the logs, and weave through the cones…  He’s an extremely well behaved, calm-natured horse.  AND he’s cute.  Mom, Dad, can I have a horse?   I still need to work on some grooming stuff, like baths and picking his feet, but overall I think he’s going to be an excellent horse.  I just wish I was a more adept trainer.