18 September 2005

Weekend Adventures with the Mom

This weekend was extremely pleasant. Mom and I went to a movie and ate out and just had fun. Wahoo! Although it's not technically my birthday yet, I celebrated today and yesterday - very relaxing and fun. Today Myranda acted like fools and got chased down the hall by a crazy person (aka Steve0). It was fun. We put little plastic animals on people's doors.

My sanity level has indeed increased to an acceptable level; I'm no longer toeing the line of insanity. BSF will be simply wonderful this year. It makes me so happy. Plus, I no longer feel as lonely as I have been lately. Perhaps that's because the chaos in my friends' lives (namely the Pink Crusader; i hope she doesn't mind that nickname...) has placed other issues on my mind, and I've finally come to terms with my expectations for my friendships. It's good not to think about oneself too much. It's selfishness that led me to loneliness. I've returned to my normal cheerful self, for the most part.

I almost finished all my homework for the entire week.

Now it's back to the madness of school.

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