19 September 2005

Stupid horse!!

Haha. I decided to help a friend catch her horse Swayzee (i'm not sure about the spelling, but it sounds like Sway-Zee). We almost had him, and then he decided to run. After about 30 minutes, of trying to get him in a corner and get the lead rope on the halter, Dr. Jack came out an tried to show us a new method. The plan was to make Swayzee run around and work every time he misbehaved (stepped away from Dr. Jack etc) and prevent him from joining the rest of the herd (who were calmly standing in a corner). Theoretically, this is how to train a horse to come to you, because if they start to walk away, you act all scary and chase them away. So they should come to associate not cooperating with having to run like crazy. It was a good plan. It was my job to make sure the horses in the corner stayed in the corner and Swayzee stayed out. An hour and 30 minutes later of "Go away you stupid horse!" and madly waving my hands, I had to leave to go to my next class. Poor Lauren was there from 11:30- 3:00 trying to catch that stupid horse. Haha, in the time i was there, half of my neck sunburned pretty bad. whoops. I'm really glad i put makeup on my face, otherwise it would be burned too.

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