05 September 2005


I believe I am beyond rescue. Insanity is certainly where this year is leading.

In my previous calculations I forgot to include Organic Chemistry Lab (3 steps toward insanity) and Block and Bridle. I skipped a meeting last year and became the reporter... Ahh, responsiblitly, don't you love it (2 steps insanity)? For a grand total of 5 additional steps toward insanity. 5+1=6 steps toward insanity. I'm certainly teetering on the edge.

To add to the insanity...
Even if my friends did decide to include me (which seems to be increasingly rare), I wouldn't have time to do anything, because I've got so much studying and reading to do. Such blissfully happy moments as I experienced last year will be much harder to come by this year. I suspect many in my current group of friends feel left out, but perhaps that's because "the group" has expanded so much, it's nearly impossible for us to do anything together with everyone still feeling like they belong. I really miss Megann. She was the only person last year I could really study with, and since that's probably one of my only activities this semester, I'll spend the majority of my time alone, finding solace in music and pleasure reading between study sessions.

BSF starts next week. Then perhaps some of my sanity will return, but until then...

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