09 September 2005


Today, I actually went to the pasture and caught and haltered Felipe. Previously, Brooke, Laurie, or I would halter Olivia (the mare) and lead her to a round pen with a trail of baby horses following her (it's adorable). Then we would pick out our horses and work around the other horses. Not only did we separate our three weanlings from the mare they've been imprinted to, but we took them to the inside arena, which is a completely foreign environment to them. Felipe didn't freak out at all, and Felicity had only a little problem. Amazingly enough, I coaxed Felipe over the terrifying tarp. It took about 15 minutes, but now he can trample any tarp with confidence (or at least I hope he can). Then we practice putting his two front feet on top of a platform and taking them off (pre-practice for loading). Felipe still has no clue was "back" means, but maybe he'll get it next time. I was a lot better (i think) at not letting him invade my personal space and push me around today.

Poor Felipe's far eye is irritated. I have to put antibiotic ointment on it every time I see him until he gets better. At least he's fairly tolerant of people touching his face. He's a mostly well-behaved baby. But as I was releasing him today, apparently he thought I was too slow removing the halter. So he bit me, earning himself a nice whack on the face. As soon as I got the halter off, he went frolicking back to Olivia and his buddies - very happy to be away from the crazy girl who comes 3 times a week and makes him do completely irrational tasks.

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