19 September 2005

Guess what today was?

That is correct. It's my birthday. I survived one more year of life. Truly amazing.

Overall I'd say my birthday was very pleasant. A lot of my friends wished me a happy birthday. BUT what really made my day was when the Sigma Phi Lambda girls (both the new pledges and the charter members) sang to me. Jenna even made me a cake! I almost cried; it was so sweet!

Although joining a sorority is something I never in my wildest dreams pictured myself doing, I think I made the right choice. They fill a gap my male, mostly atheist friends can't fill. They are my comforters, supporters, and my sisters - girls I can spiritually develop with. They're the ones who will pick me up if I fall, the ones who will pray for me, and the people I can cry with. I still don't know most of them very well, but it's an opportunity to try to overcome my shyness since they won't reject me. AND it's a way to share Christ.

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