24 September 2005

Girls' Night Out

Friday night!  What's a girl to do?  Well, take an organic test!  Of course.   Because that's how every young lady would like to spend her Friday evening....Dr. Gawley posted the answer key online.  4 questions I deserved to miss, 1 I'm unsure about, and 2 I think he's wrong.  I went back and checked the book.  I am either way beyond confusion, or Dr.Gawley in his old age accidentally wrote E instead of Z and methyl instead of OH.  I'm voting for the later option.  That would bring my grade up to an A or at the minimum a B.  I don’t know exactly what his grading scale is since it’s still “tentative.”  Approxiamately 80% and above is an A.  

But after my lovely evening with models and a scantron sheet, I joined with Marlys and Myranda for a lovely night out.  We dined at On the Border and watched The Corpse Bride.  Very fun.  Very fun.  

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