01 October 2005

Can I have horse?

I can’t believe what Felipe did today!  Lori had already taken Flint to the barn, Brooke had Felicity just outside of the pasture, and I was walking toward the pasture to get Felipe when Felipe just randomly decided I wasn’t coming fast enough to him!  So he went under 2 strands of hot wire to get to me!  He actually touched the electric fence willingly to get to me!  I was so shocked that he let himself out of the pasture to come to me that I didn’t know whether to scold him or to praise him (I’ve been trying to get him to come when I call his name, and I probably said “Hi, Felipe” as I approached the pasture).  He did not want Felicity and Flint to leave him behind (even though he would have had Fonzie and Fiona to keep him company)!  Silly horse!  

He’s so smart! There were some people watching the horses being trained today, and when Felipe and I went to go talk to them, one man said “now that is a smart horse!  I’ve been watching him.”  He’s so smart, I’m almost unsure of what to do after he gets the lesson I planned to work on much earlier than expected.  He can flex, back, follow voice commands, take a bow (extremely cute!), walk over tarp, trot over the logs, and weave through the cones…  He’s an extremely well behaved, calm-natured horse.  AND he’s cute.  Mom, Dad, can I have a horse?   I still need to work on some grooming stuff, like baths and picking his feet, but overall I think he’s going to be an excellent horse.  I just wish I was a more adept trainer.

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