29 August 2005

Some people are cucumbers, others are moose

This semester...

Organic chemistry - The first phase of abandonment. Can I just go back to sleep? Or at least give me some C8H10N4O2. Take 6 steps toward insanity.

Advanced Spanish - Why did I sign up for this class? I'm not minoring in Spanish... Sergio doesn't assign homework. Is that bad? It means more class participation. 3 steps toward insanity

Equine Behavoir and Training - I spend 8 hours a week in this class and at least another 8 hours daydreaming about horses. I love the horse I've "temporarily" been assigned. I'll probably cry if the professor reassigns me. Felipe and I are a good match. He's a a Warmblood X Appendix Quarter Horse weanling. He already can wear a halter and leads well. Take 3 steps away from insanity.

Composition 2 - Please shoot me. Take 2 steps toward insanity.

Art studio - 6 hours a week. This class is beginning art. I don't think it will be as bad as I expected. Take 2 steps away from insanity.

Career Preparation - I stink in this class. Literally. I smell of horse. This class follows Equine Behavoir and Training lab. Don't take any steps... just spin in cirles.

Outside of Class:
Friends - I'm not so into online games this year. I never enjoyed Magic the Gathering or ballroom dancing. Take 3 steps toward insanity.

Bible Study Fellowship International - I can't praise this program enough. I will not let school classes get in the way of attending BSF. I would go nuts and die. End of story. Take 5 steps away from insanity.

Sigma Phi Lambda - I'm not your typical sorority girl, but Phi lamb isn't your typical sorority. Although I'm not sure about the "sorority" part, I love my sisters. Sisters for the Lord will peel me off the floor when I go insane this year. Take 2 steps away from insanity

Myranda, our room, and our fish - Take 1 step away from insanity.

So prediction for this semester:
6+3+2+3= 14 Steps toward insanity
3+2+5+2+1 =13 Steps away from insanity
1 step toward insanity

Hmm... too close to call at this point, but insanity is a definate possibility.

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