27 August 2005

Inches from complete insantiy

Readjusting to college/dorm life after a summer away from all your friends is tough. The inevitable happens; people change and meet other people. People join the group; people leave the group. All of which requires adjustment. After spending 3 months away from my friends and reuniting with them for the school year, I realized I don't have as much in common with them as I thought. Honestly, I have very little in common with them. I do not even like their activities anymore. There are too many of us to enjoy eating dinner together. We don't all fit at one table, and the noise level is too high anyway. I don't enjoy playing online video games, watching violent movies (like Kill Bill), competing at Magic tourneys, or dancing. My friends are wonderful; I just don't fit in with them anymore.

So what's the solution? "Branch out" and meet new people through classes and clubs. And buy fish. Yes. Fish are nice. I like my newly purchased friends Nezzy, Phibo, and Shazzy.

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