31 August 2005

I heart Felipe

haha! Felipe bit the TA today (but that's ok since he didn't bite me...). He was probably just trying to groom her (since I was grooming him), but he still had to be smacked. He didn't like me trying to lift his feet, but since he couldn't kick me (and he tried), farting in my face while I lifted his back hoof sufficed. Then, we walked in circles some more, and had a little shoving contest. He's not allowed to lean on the person leading him, so I elbowed him a couple times and shoved him a couple of times. Haha... we still ended up walking crooked, but we'll work on that more Friday. I feel like an official animal science major now. I stink, store boots in my car, think about horses for much of the day, and have brown snot (don't think about that last one...). That makes me happy (not having brown snot, but feeling like an official animal science major).

Wahoo! Art is going well too! The teacher complimented my art today...(I guess I should tell him how much art I had in high school...but it's more fun this way). Besides, i don't think it's a bad thing if my head explodes from pride...

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