31 August 2005

I heart Felipe

haha! Felipe bit the TA today (but that's ok since he didn't bite me...). He was probably just trying to groom her (since I was grooming him), but he still had to be smacked. He didn't like me trying to lift his feet, but since he couldn't kick me (and he tried), farting in my face while I lifted his back hoof sufficed. Then, we walked in circles some more, and had a little shoving contest. He's not allowed to lean on the person leading him, so I elbowed him a couple times and shoved him a couple of times. Haha... we still ended up walking crooked, but we'll work on that more Friday. I feel like an official animal science major now. I stink, store boots in my car, think about horses for much of the day, and have brown snot (don't think about that last one...). That makes me happy (not having brown snot, but feeling like an official animal science major).

Wahoo! Art is going well too! The teacher complimented my art today...(I guess I should tell him how much art I had in high school...but it's more fun this way). Besides, i don't think it's a bad thing if my head explodes from pride...

Stand still Felipe!!! Posted by Picasa

Felipe wants to walk on... Posted by Picasa

Felipe and Me Posted by Picasa

Felipe Posted by Picasa

30 August 2005

Goofy girls at our very first official chapter meeting. Posted by Picasa

29 August 2005

Some people are cucumbers, others are moose

This semester...

Organic chemistry - The first phase of abandonment. Can I just go back to sleep? Or at least give me some C8H10N4O2. Take 6 steps toward insanity.

Advanced Spanish - Why did I sign up for this class? I'm not minoring in Spanish... Sergio doesn't assign homework. Is that bad? It means more class participation. 3 steps toward insanity

Equine Behavoir and Training - I spend 8 hours a week in this class and at least another 8 hours daydreaming about horses. I love the horse I've "temporarily" been assigned. I'll probably cry if the professor reassigns me. Felipe and I are a good match. He's a a Warmblood X Appendix Quarter Horse weanling. He already can wear a halter and leads well. Take 3 steps away from insanity.

Composition 2 - Please shoot me. Take 2 steps toward insanity.

Art studio - 6 hours a week. This class is beginning art. I don't think it will be as bad as I expected. Take 2 steps away from insanity.

Career Preparation - I stink in this class. Literally. I smell of horse. This class follows Equine Behavoir and Training lab. Don't take any steps... just spin in cirles.

Outside of Class:
Friends - I'm not so into online games this year. I never enjoyed Magic the Gathering or ballroom dancing. Take 3 steps toward insanity.

Bible Study Fellowship International - I can't praise this program enough. I will not let school classes get in the way of attending BSF. I would go nuts and die. End of story. Take 5 steps away from insanity.

Sigma Phi Lambda - I'm not your typical sorority girl, but Phi lamb isn't your typical sorority. Although I'm not sure about the "sorority" part, I love my sisters. Sisters for the Lord will peel me off the floor when I go insane this year. Take 2 steps away from insanity

Myranda, our room, and our fish - Take 1 step away from insanity.

So prediction for this semester:
6+3+2+3= 14 Steps toward insanity
3+2+5+2+1 =13 Steps away from insanity
1 step toward insanity

Hmm... too close to call at this point, but insanity is a definate possibility.

28 August 2005

The Abode of Nezzy, Phibo, and Shazzy Posted by Picasa

Awww... Nezzy and Phibo Posted by Picasa

Mephibosheth "Phibo the Yellow" Posted by Picasa

Nebuchadnezzar "Nezzy the Reddy" Posted by Picasa

Belteshazzar "Shazzy the Spazzy" Posted by Picasa

27 August 2005

Inches from complete insantiy

Readjusting to college/dorm life after a summer away from all your friends is tough. The inevitable happens; people change and meet other people. People join the group; people leave the group. All of which requires adjustment. After spending 3 months away from my friends and reuniting with them for the school year, I realized I don't have as much in common with them as I thought. Honestly, I have very little in common with them. I do not even like their activities anymore. There are too many of us to enjoy eating dinner together. We don't all fit at one table, and the noise level is too high anyway. I don't enjoy playing online video games, watching violent movies (like Kill Bill), competing at Magic tourneys, or dancing. My friends are wonderful; I just don't fit in with them anymore.

So what's the solution? "Branch out" and meet new people through classes and clubs. And buy fish. Yes. Fish are nice. I like my newly purchased friends Nezzy, Phibo, and Shazzy.

Roommate bonding time Posted by Picasa

Posted by PicasaMy Sigma Phi Lambda sisters.

I love my sisters!! Sigma Phi Lambda (aka Sisters for the Lord) is unlike most sororities. We're not pan-Hellenic. We don't throw binge drinking parties. Requirements include attending church, bible study, and Covenant groups. It's a good group.

Me and Myranda Posted by Picasa

25 August 2005

Imprisoned Boots

And now... welcome to college and the fantabulous Organic Chemistry (aka Hell). So my boots will ever remain in their place in my dorm closet, while the forest covered hills call my name....

18 August 2005

A day at the Art Museum

And now it's time for a day at the art museum.

17 August 2005

BSF Notebook  Posted by Picasa

15 August 2005

14 August 2005

A Mite-y Attack

Chiggers - those cell liquefying, stylostome causing mites - are truly among the most horrendous of creatures, capable of causing infinite amounts of discomfort. Die chiggers! DIE!

11 August 2005


More hiking today

Trails conquered:
Hunt's Loop - 4.3 miles, seed-ticks = major problem
Friendship Interperative loop - 0.9 miles

10 August 2005


Hike! Crazy monkey! Hike!

Trails conquered today:
Bear Cave -1 mile
Cedar Falls - 2 miles

09 August 2005


Meet Scooter Posted by Picasa

And this is why we love Mr. Bailey Posted by Picasa

A painting of Mr. Bailey, my dog Posted by Picasa

06 August 2005

This was home for 2 weeks Posted by Picasa

white faced Posted by Picasa

white faced Posted by Picasa

eww... This was hanging out in my room at one of the places we stayed Posted by Picasa

spider Posted by Picasa

eyelash viper... to close for comfort Posted by Picasa