03 May 2016

Mom enough?

A blog post with only my phone...no access to a computer to type my blog posts.  

01 March 2016

Fostering and New Life

Saturday was beautiful.  The temperature was in the 60s and the sun was shining down.  I was off from work, and it just felt so good.  We slept in until 9 (thank you MM!!).  I woke up feeling refreshed and energized so I decided to make my family a delicious breakfast.  I made MM a scrambled egg, and cut up some fruit.  She sat munching on breakfast while I made pancakes and omelets for the rest of my family.   I woke everyone else up and we stuffed ourselves to the brim.  "Here's something else you can make without burning!  You make a good omelet" said Cheetah.   Thanks, Cheetah!.....I think?   

MM was quickly ready for her nap, and we scrambled to clean the house while she slept.  We got through a lot of the list, but the day was just too beautiful to waste indoors.  So we all sat down for sandwiches and more fresh fruit.  We loaded up both cars with our 3 bicycles and drove to Walt's, where Chase and I bought our bikes.  We bought Cheetah a helmet and explained that it is ALWAYS required on a bicycle;  even Chase and I wear helmets.  At Walts, you can rent those cool baby trailers.  Luckily they still had one available.  They gave us a quick demo, and off we went.   It was already 3 pm by then, but we figured that would be plenty of time for 3 out of shape folks to be out exercising.  We ended up going 15 miles total, and the sun set on us before we got back!  Whoops!  MM loved the way out...but was not a happy camper on the way back!  We just stayed out a little too long.  BUT we had a great time!   Cheetah said it was an awesome day, and he just can't wait to do it again!  Time together away from the stress of school or work...and no computer screens!   It was wonderful!

We've been busy since Cheetah moved back in with us.   It's back to court dates, family visits, CASA visits, case worker visits,  therapy appointments, and all the other schedule-filling items involved with foster care.  MM has been sick with colds off an on for the last 3 weeks, and she's seen the doctor at least 2 times for high fevers.  Poor little Bear.  There have been algebra battles, discussions on bullying, and lots of "what ifs."     When you're in foster care...there are always lots of what ifs.     Chase and I are working to provide a loving and stable home for both of our kiddos.  We may be broke and in deeper student debt than you can imagine....but we are rich in love.  God's love has been great for our family, and we endeavor to show others His love.

My life is full of blessings.  As I watched my son ride his bike (with helmet) around the block while Chase pushed MM on her tricycle (also wearing a helmet), I felt a great sense of peace and contentment.   The peace you can only know when you hear God's call for your life...and feel that maybe today you are answering it.  Maybe this is what I am here on earth for...

It's kinda funny, life doesn't always take the path you expect for it to follow.   This year, after saying goodbye to Cheetah, we decided to drop out of all volunteering and fostering roles.  We wanted to add to our family, let Chase find a job outside of the home, and let our kids grow a couple of years.  Then we wanted to re-evaluate and maybe foster again...or maybe not.  However, only 1 part of that plan was successful!  We took 1 month off before Cheetah moved right back in with us.  Of course, we are also now expecting!   I never would have signed up for a toddler, teen, and infant all at the same time, but that's the unexpected turn. We are so very grateful for baby number 2 and of course that we were here for Cheetah when he needed us.  I don't know what else the future holds, but I am sure God's hand is in it :)

15 December 2015

Glimmers of Joyful life

last week:
I sat waiting in Big-O tires.  MM played with some toys on the floor and started cruising around the coffee table.  She looked up from the table toward me, and extended her little arms.  She took 3 tentative steps toward me and collapsed in my outstretched arms.  We both were smiling and giggling!  Her first real steps were in a tire store!  As we played and giggled, a young man approached us.  He was not smiling. “Hey, would you buy this gift card from me?  It’s got $200 on it, and I’m asking $150.”  Thinking it was a scam, I told him he should save it as car troubles can spring up in the future even if he doesn’t need it now.   He told me his license had been taken because of a DUI, and he needed money to pay the court expenses.  I felt a little sorry for him so I talked to him about forgiveness.  There is life after a big mistake, and he will be ok!   He walked away, and returned again in a few seconds.  “How about $100?”  I thought that it could be a scam, but this poor kid needed the money more than I.  So I agreed.  As soon as he left, I checked the balance with a clerk.  Sure enough $200!  I was so excited.   I met an honest young man, hopefully encouraged him a little, and got a $100 discount on new tires for my car.     I realize I could have checked it before I purchased it, but sometimes a person needs to be shown a little trust as encouragement to become trustworthy.   Or maybe I’m just too trusting and gullible, but it paid off!  Lol… of course the estimate for yet more repairs on the HHR put a small damper on my enthusiasm, but that’s life! 

When I got home, Peggy refused to go down for nap.  She was wired!  Maybe she was thinking about how to walk!  Who knows the mind of a baby…  Cheetah arrived home from school, and he wanted to help teach MM to walk.  We sat with a few feet between us and encouraged MM to walk from one set of arms to the other.   Her improvement was evident with every step!  I bet she will be running by her first birthday.  Cheetah smiled and said “she’s grown so much since I moved in.  It’s so much fun to see her grow!  When I first got here, she couldn’t even crawl.”  Peggy has been saying “Chachacha,” and Chase thinks she might be trying to say Cheetah’s name.  That little squirt loves her big brother, and he clearly loves her too.   Every child needs a loving home, and I’m so blessed to have 2 children laughing and playing in my home!

Peace and love, y’all!